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OmicsDB is a portal integrating data across more than 100 microbes. Allowing easy knowledge transfer and comparison across these. If used in your research, please please cite:;; In progress.

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OmicsDB::Plant pathogens

offers a framework for comparing biological networks across species. The database covers 3 major fungal plant pathogens ( Fusarium graminearum, Blumeria graminis and Ustilago maydis), and one bacterial (Xanthomoas oryzae), as well as the model species Neurospora crassa (also an endophyte), E.coli, S. cerevisiae and S. pombe as references."
OmicsDB::Plant pathogens enables users to access both functional information about each gene, protein sequence for the corresponding protein, and the ortholog family to which it belongs. It is possible to easily access all orthologs from a given family, and thus use information from other species.
It also contains curated gene expression data from RNA-seq and microarrays for all pathogens, enabling users to browse these online. And co-functional networks for all species derived from PPI and co-expression. Last but not least the database enables the users to find similar network structures across species, based on their surrounding orthologs. By expanding the classic single species databases across species, it is possible to leverage the amount of information to a higher level.